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Ben Grissinger- Founder


Ben is the Founder of Ben has more than 35 years of large global enterprise IT expertise, with experience at recent startups, which represent a majority of the modern technological advancements we see today.


Trent Grissinger- Chief Operating Officer


Trent is the COO of Trent is a recent Penn State graduate with a proven success record of customer and business sales. Trent represents the core mission of in introducing this new technology to the next generation.


Bernard Lin- Chief Executive Officer


Bernard is the CEO of Bernard has executive experience at recent startups. Bernard also brings valuable experience in cloud computing, capital market applications, blockchain and e-commerce.


About our Company products address a glaring problem with the advancements in technology today. Most people either don’t understand or don’t have a use for new tech, leaving it invaluable to a lot of consumers. As we continue into the evolution of Web 3.0, we envision products that bridge the technological gap between IT professionals and the average user.

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