Cryptocurrency is Here to Stay - Here’s Why We Think So

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

It’s clearer than ever that cryptocurrency is more than just a passing fad. Crypto is a worthwhile investment that is no doubt here to stay, and it will shape the economy moving forward. In fact, we’re confident that it will soon be as central to our culture as the internet itself. Here’s why:

Crypto adoption mirrors Internet adoption

Can you imagine a world without the internet? It’s embedded in nearly every part of our lives - which is why it gives us a great deal of confidence when we compare the adoption rate of internet technology to that of cryptocurrency. Check out this graph below:

Crypto technology is actually being adopted at a faster rate than internet technology was. An article from Time notes that while the internet was initially adopted at a rate of 63%, according to data from CoinShares, Bitcoin has been increasing at an annual rate of 113%. If cryptocurrency adoption continues to rise at this rate, there could be 1 billion Bitcoin users by 2024, and a whopping 4 billion users by 2030.

Those are some promising statistics, and a good sign that if you haven’t already hopped on board and invested in cryptocurrency, you can have confidence that now is a great time to start.

Invest differently with Cripta

Ready to take the leap and invest in the ever-growing opportunities of cryptocurrency? Consider a new way to invest with Cripta, a digital storage provider that allows you to bring in passive income by owning and renting digital storage space.

It’s a simple, profitable process: When you buy a node with Cripta, your one-time, $300 investment has a potential return of several thousand USD after only a few years. This is a long-term investment in a lifetime of passive income and digital asset management features.

When you invest with Cripta, you’re not only investing in a currency, but you’ll own storage space as well. That means you have a space to protect all of your own digital assets. We offer the best available and complete digital lifecycle security and privacy protections for these assets, such as your ID, birth certificate, vaccine cards, and more. Plus, it’s all at the lowest cost anywhere for storing your digital content.

Because this cloud is a new frontier, we also offer tech concierge services to help customers manage it all with ease.

Finally, with Cripta, you’re always in control. You own the storage space and sell it - no third party handlers, no risk of hackers, just you handling it all.

Sound like something you want to give a shot? You can pre-order a node today to start investing in the future.

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