What is Cripta.io?

Updated: Feb 4

The following is an Introduction from Cripta.io Founder, Ben Grissinger

Just what is Cripta? Is this yet another Crypto offering in the speculative world full of pump and dump coins? The simple and short answer is no, but there are some relationships with Crypto-currency that can be realized within Cripta products if certain conditions fall in place where you would certainly benefit. Instead, it’s easier to think of owning a Cripta node is very much like running a traditional business where you earn profits, even after you’ve paid all the bills for running the business. During the beginning months, profits are relatively small, but over several months and years the rewards from your “mini business” increase into a healthy, stable, and very profitable outcome. There are also advantages for running this “mini business” such as you don’t have to spend time restocking shelves, or running a cash register to keep doing business. Instead everything to run the business is done for you in automated fashion, hence you earn income passively, without having to invest your time doing so.

Owning a node is similar to a business where you rent out your nodes digital storage space to renters. Renters are people who might be artists, musicians, or developers who need digital space to perform their trade and are willing to pay you for what your node offers, digital storage. Rental contracts are formed and recorded automatically between owners and renters. Once a contract is successfully completed, the renter pays the agreed upon contract price. At this point the renter can extend the contract or vacate the contract. Ultimately owners want to receive enough contracts that consume all of their storage they have available to rent. When this condition occurs, node owners are rewarded with a very nice monthly stipend of recurring revenue for many years to come.

Today there is enough digital space available for renters at prices that favor renters. In other words, it’s a buyers’ / renter’s market and price for renting storage is very favorable to renters. But what will happen when digital storage demands out pace supply offered by business node owners? In this case the price to rent storage would increase, which then favors the node owners. This leads us to the other product offered by Cripta.io, Cripta Store.

The idea behind Cripta Store is to increase rental demand by providing apps that increase the use and rental of digital storage. We begin by encouraging our node owners to become renters and store their valuable data also. By doing so they are helping to increase storage prices universally among all node owners. Cripta Store also will be offered to non-node owners where these renters would receive the many benefits of storage offered by node owners, such as best price, best security, and privacy protections not available anywhere else today.

Earlier we mentioned there are relationships to Crypto currency within our products. All transactions that take place between owners and renters are done using a coin named SiaCoin. Today a SiaCoin has a market value of approximately 2 cents per Siacoin. While your number of Siacoins are always increasing over time from running your business, you also benefit from any increasing value of SiaCoin over the same time periods. For example, if your rentals this year result in earning1000 SiaCoins at 2 cents for each coin, a $20-dollar profit doesn’t look that impressive. However, if those same coins were to increase in worth to $1 for each coin, then $1000 looks much better.

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